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Lee Sterry, a voice that's been gracing the airwaves for nearly five decades, came to us through a referral. Imagine that – a voice so familiar, it's like an old friend, yet it had no home on the internet. Lee decided it was high time for his digital debut, and who better to help than us?

The challenge was like setting up a stage for a veteran actor – it had to be just right. Lee's website needed to be a single-page showcase, not just a collection of his work, but a narrative of his illustrious career. It was about creating a mix of information architecture, product showcases, and branding that matched the dynamism of Lee's voice.

So, we went to work. We designed a website that's as smooth and engaging as Lee’s voiceovers. The layout? Clean and intuitive, ensuring visitors can easily navigate through his vast portfolio. We didn't just want to list his accomplishments; we wanted to tell his story. We carefully selected content that highlighted his versatility and experience in the industry. And of course, SEO was a key player – making sure that when you search for a voice, you find Lee Sterry.

Lee's new website is more than a digital portfolio; it's a tribute to his enduring career. It's where his voice finds a visual complement, engaging visitors and taking them on a journey through sound and storytelling. Got a story to tell through your website? Let's make it resonate with your audience!

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Looking to amplify your voice in the digital space?

We love telling our clients' stories, yours could be next. 

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