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Rob Burke, the frontman of Riders on the Storm (ROTS), a band that keeps The Doors' legacy alive, knocked on our door for a new website. These guys are all about bringing that classic rock vibe back to life, and they needed a digital stage to match their tunes.

The challenge? ROTS needed more than just any website. They wanted a spot online to showcase their killer covers, upcoming gigs, and some cool merch for their fans. They were looking to capture the spirit of The Doors, but with their own twist.

So, we got down to business. We designed a one-page website that's as smooth and cool as their music. This site's got everything – a section for their latest tracks, info on where they're playing next, and a merch area for fans to grab some gear. But wait, there's more. We didn't just stop at the website. We created a brand-new logo for ROTS, giving them a fresh identity that screams rock 'n' roll.

Now, Riders on the Storm has a digital home that's as lively and electrifying as their music. It's a place where fans can tune into their sound and catch them live. We turned ROTS's vision into a virtual reality, and we're ready to crank up the volume on your project too. Let's make your website rock!

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