LAST UPDATED: March 21, 2022

S.Keyol respects the rights of copyright and intellectual property holders and accordingly has developed this policy that explains how we use and how to submit the removal of intellectual property.

Intellectual Property includes, but is not limited to, algorithms, code, concepts, developments, designs, discoveries, ideas, formulas, improvements, inventions, processes, software, trademarks, and trade secrets. Intellectual Property also includes the tangible embodiments (e.g. – drawings, notes) of any intangible items.

The design, layout, look and feel and coding of the S.Keyol website, was developed, designed, created and is owned by S.Keyol.

Any video, images or audio located in our work section, including client websites or were either created by us for that client, and/or represent a brand that we worked with in some capacity.

It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, duplicate, copy, share, reverse engineer or otherwise exploit or use any Intellectual Property located anywhere on our website without express written permission from the rightful owner.

Should you feel your Intellectual Property is used incorrectly or would like to request to have it removed from our public records, please email us at