Tips For Finding A Web Designer!

In todays digital world creating the right website is crucial to the success of any business.

When you have a well put together and functional online platform you can attract a larger audience and convert them into a loyal client base.


- Does my website work for me, or is it just kind of there?

- Is my website up to date and user friendly?

- Does it fit the look and feel of my brand?

- Can I track my customers and quickly and efficiently send them email or SMS marketing?

- Would I shop at my business based on my own website experience?


When choosing a company to build your website, these are a few things you want to make sure they do.

1: The initial consultation:

This is where the company finds out the business needs, the outcome you're looking to achieve and discusses your timelines and budget.

2: The proposed plan:

They should send you a detailed plan that outlines what they're going to do, any elements or integrations they will implement, the stages from research to testing and lunch as well as when you will be having discusses during the process.

3: What happens when it's launched?

Do they leave or do they offer a package to stay onboard and offer maintenance.


This is important to ensure they can deliver the right website


We can help you create a user-friendly website that fits your brand, goals and budget!