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Should you build your own website?

We've all heard the old adage: "If you want it done right, do it yourself."

But is that really true? The real question is whether it's better to learn how to build a website on your own, or to hire a web designer to do it for you?


For some people it can be less expensive to do it yourself, while for others the costs of hiring a web designer may save time, especially if you have never built a website before.

In this article, we'll go over some pros and cons to help you to make an informed decision.

- Web Design, so what's involved?

Web design involves creative thinking, technical know-how, and an understanding of how user experience can impact your business, in order to create the best website possible.

You need to understand things like how the public will browse your website, how to get them where you want them to go, what they are expecting when they visit your website and how to optimized your site for search engines (SEO) and for mobile devices.

- DIY, Pros and Cons

Sign up, Log in and get started on your website!

PRO: It can save money

Having a website built can get expensive and if you don’t have much of a budget to work with, then it might be worth trying to build your site yourself. Drag and drop website builders will likely only cost a few hundred per year.

PRO: Pre-made templates

Most website builders have pre-made templates built in. This lets you choose your style, colours and then customize elements that were pre-made and while it won't be a completely original design it might just be all you need.

CON: It's takes a lot of time to do it right!

Building a website is going to be a lot more work than you realize, trust us! On average we spend between 80 and 240+ hours on each website we design.

CON: You need to understand the SEO

You will need to set up both the basic and the advanced SEO (search engine optimization) in the back end of your site and if you do this wrong your likely going to spend more in the long run.

If you’re a creative type, then you already know that nothing compares to the satisfaction of creating something for yourself, but before you decide whether or not this is the best option for your project, let’s go over what you get when working with a professional designer.

- Pros and Cons of Hiring a Pro

Focus on running your business rather than spending precious time learning how to design and build a website.

PRO: They will know the best web practices for your industry

A web designer usually has years of experience and will know the best design, look, layout and web practices for your particular industry. While you likely have some great ideas, you may be missing out on a big opportunity to better optimize your website with out the help.

PRO: You'll have a site that looks professional and is updated regularly

Web designer stay up to date on any changes that need to be made whether it's from your business or from a design or technical stand point.

CON: You need to do your research & likely sign an agreement

With picking any service provider, you will need to do some research and pick the right designer, agency or freelancer for your needs.

Your going to likely going have to sign an agreement as well, so make sure you have read, and understand it.


There are pros and cons to both DIY and hiring a professional web designer. You need to know what you're getting yourself into before making that decision. If you have your heart set on doing it yourself, then it's probably a good idea to get started right away! On the other hand, if hiring someone who knows more about this kind of thing sounds appealing to you then go for it!

Still not sure what to do?

Book a discovery call with us and we can help you make an informed decision!

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