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Web Design & Branding Niagara | S.Keyol Media


We're grateful to work with our incredible clients

Web Design & Branding Niagara | S.Keyol Media

Crafting a visually stunning website for a real estate agent complete with graphic design, UX design and a responsive web design that ensures a seamless look access on any device. Enhanced with strategic information architecture for easy navigation and SEO to reach the top of property searches.

Jason Wilson - Realtor at Boldt Realty

Building an online presence for a wedding officiant with graphic design, user-centered UX design for engaging potential clients, and mobile-responsive features. The site's structure is optimized with clear information architecture and elevated by SEO to connect with more couples.

Krista Gomez - Blauwe Watters Events

A simple yet highly functional website for Niagara Regions largest towing company complete with a robust design for quick service requests, responsive design for on-the-go access, and effective SEO strategies to rank high in emergency towing searches. 

Regional Towing

Revitalizing an art studio's website with vibrant graphic design, immersive UX to showcase the art collection, and responsive design for global access. Art direction & consulting refine the studio's brand, with SEO to attract more visitors and a structured information architecture for easy exploration.

LVW Creative Barracks

Developing a calming and secure website for a therapy practice with soothing graphic design, empathetic UX for easy appointment booking, and responsive design for confidentiality on any device. SEO enhances visibility to those in need, supported by clear information architecture.

Farah Family Solutions

Enhancing a real estate firm's website with high-quality graphic design, improved UX for an interactive property search, and responsive design for all devices. The revamp included SEO for market visibility, and a refined information architecture.


Creating a dynamic website for a voice actor with engaging graphic design, audio-focused UX design for easy sample listening, and responsive design for access from any device. SEO strategies are employed to rise in voice talent searches, supported by a well-organized information architecture.

Lee Sterry - Voice Services

Upgrading Niagara Regions largest moving company's website with intuitive UX design for service booking, responsive design for mobile users, and strategic SEO for higher search rankings. The revamp is enhanced by professional graphic design and clear information architecture for better user engagement.


Establishing a new website for a welding company with industrial-themed graphic design, straightforward UX for showcasing services, and responsive design for field accessibility. Includes SEO for service visibility and strategic information architecture for information clarity.


 Rolling out a fan-centric website for a tribute band with lively graphic design, immersive UX for event exploration, and responsive design for fans on the move. Art direction & consulting amplify the band's image, with SEO to grow the fanbase and a fan-friendly information architecture.


Refreshing a landscaping service's website with lush graphic design, improved UX for portfolio browsing, and responsive design for all devices. The site is lifted by art direction & consulting, SEO for service discovery, and streamlined information architecture for easy contact and quote requests.


Designing an immersive website for an author with captivating graphic design, reader-focused UX for engaging content exploration, and responsive design for reading on any device. SEO strategies increase author visibility, supported by a reader-friendly information architecture.


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